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These designs have all been commissioned by previous customers. We can reproduce anything you see here, or create something custom for your needs at no extra cost.








Floor Frescos

Wall Murals

Click here for a description of floor cloths, and how to take care of your new handpainted rug!

These are rugs designed for previous customers, and are only samples of the quality artwork you can expect when you order a custom designed Floor Cloth. We can reproduce any of these designs or create something for your specific need.

We specialize in custom floor cloths made to order.

Often times, a customer is not quite sure what design they want for their product, or how a particular design or color will fit in with their decor. We utilize our years of experience and skill to design your artwork on the computer, and email it to you. After purchase of your product, let us know if you need help with design. We offer this service free to our customers.

We can design something special for you even if you do not know what type of design you want. After purchasing a rug, tell me where  you intend to display the rug, the decor of the existing room, your tastes and color preferences, and I will digitally design the rug on the computer for you to see how it would look. I can even show you how the rug would look in your room if you provide me with a good photograph of the room. This design service is what sets us apart from other artists. Not only do we offer quality workmanship in our product and artistry, we design for your specific needs. Design is free with your purchase!

I will need you to send a fabric swatch, paint sample, or photo, if an accurate color match is desired.

Being able to digitally design your product before painting begins sets us apart from other artists. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We will be happy to assist you in creating a wonderful piece of art that is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

Buy with confidence. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money will be refunded (minus shipping) upon return of the unused rug within a 15 day period.

We will work together with you to create a Floor Cloth that is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Current rug prices are $16.00 per square foot, depending upon size. We can create your rug to fit most sizes, including circles, shapes, and odd sizes. Please be aware that any size larger than 72” in height will have to be charged a higher price due to canvas size restrictions. Shipping will be higher for anything over 72” in height.

You may purchase your rug through Paypal , or I can create a budget payment plan through Paypal that will automatically be billed monthly or bi-weekly. Don’t see the size or shape you need? Just E-mail for details or with questions, and I will create a purchase button to fit the size rug you need, or quote you a price. We also accept personal check or money order.

Prices include Shipping and Handling


2 X 3..$102.00  


3 X 3..$151.00


4 X 4..$266.00


5 X 5 ...$412.00


6 X 6..$592.00


2 X 4..$134.00


3 X 4..$199.00


4 X 5..$330.00


5 X 6 ...$492.00


     6 X 7..$688.00

2 X 5..$166.00

3 X 5..$248.00


4 X 6..$394.00


   5 X 7..$574.00

6 X 8..$784.00


2 X 6..$198.00


3 X 6..$296.00


   4 X 7..$458.00

5 X 8 ...$654.00


6 X 9..$880.00


2 x 7..$231.00

   3 X 7..$344.00

4 X 8..$524.00


5 X 9 ...$734.00



2 X 8..$263.00


3 X 8..$392.00


   4 X 9..$588.00



To calculate the price for a size not listed above, multiply the feet in height by the feet in width, then multiply that by 16.00, or just email us for a quote.

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All images and artwork copyright © 2003 - 2007 Brian Bridgeforth and Marie Bridgeforth, do not copy or distribute our designs.